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Title: Physiological responses of broiler chickens following controlled atmosphere or electrical waterbath stunning
Authors: Berganza P., Ileana M.
Márquez, Mayra
Martinez, Yordan
Bourassa, Dianna
Keywords: Blood loss
Pérdida de sangre
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Zamorano: Escuela Agrícola Panamericana, 2019.
Abstract: The poultry industry has evolved and cares more for animal welfare looking for stunning options. Our research goal was to assess the potential for CAS systems for Halal slaughter. The impact of a multiphase CAS system (Controlled Atmosphere Stunning) on blood loss and cessation of heartbeat was assessed in broilers stunned by four methods: 1) electric water bath, 2) multiphase CAS withO2 added during the induction phase, 3) CAS multiphase without O2 added and 4) without stunning. The birds were equipped with cutaneous electrodes (ECG) registered with a PhysioTel DSI device, a neck cut was performed on all birds. The data were analyzed by analysis of variance (ANOVA), and a Pearson correlation was made between the EGG and the blood loss according to the sacrifice methods. Non-stunned or electrically stunned birds lost more blood compared to CAS birds with or without O2. At 10 seconds, there was a statistical difference for blood loss. The interruption of the heartbeat occurred more rapidly for non-stunned and electrically stunned birds compared to CAS with or without O2. For CAS birds, the application of the cut in the neck did not impact the cessation of the heartbeat. The use of CAS did not alter the cessation of heartbeat compared to birds not stunned or electrically. Both traditional and CAS methods can be used in Halal markets.
Description: 21 p.
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