Knowledge, preferences and willingness to pay for coffee sustainability attributes in Honduran consumers

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Zamorano: Escuela Agrícola Panamericana, 2022
Consumers' daily decision to purchase food products has consequences on the environment, that is why it is important to promote a sustainable consumption pattern. The coffee industry has been transitioning to the sustainability world challenge and has grown fast in the sustainability certification. It is important that consumers understand certification in sustainable labels to make a choice, which allows the sector growth. This research aimed to measure consumer knowledge, preferences and willingness to pay for sustainability attributes in coffee of Honduran consumers. Visual attention during decision-making was measured using eye-tracking technology. A mixed logistic regression model was estimated from choice experiment results to determine a regression to analyze the willingness to pay space for sustainability attributes concerning all variables evaluated. Additionally, a within-subject design was used to report the results from the dictator game. The results suggested that Honduran consumers pay attention and are acquainted with sustainability attributes in coffee, even when they do not always understand them. They prefer to pay more for Rain Forest Alliance and Organic USDA labels. Despite this, there is willingness to pay for sustainable coffee attributes in the Honduran market and contribute with a sustainable coffee cooperative.
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Behavior, Sustainable, Choice experiment, Visual attention, Decision making

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