Flour handling behaviors: evaluation of selfreported U.S. consumer data and content analysis of popular recipes on YouTube and Cooking Blogs

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Zamorano: Escuela Agrícola Panamericana, 2019.
Approximately 48 million people get sick from foodborne illness in the U.S. Many people are unaware of the food safety risk of low moisture foods, like flour and quick bread mix. The research study assessed food safety behavior, knowledge, and risk of flour handling among consumers and evaluated food safety implications from popular recipe sources. Phase I: An online survey (Qualtrics) was developed for data collection, consisting of six areas: consumer and use of flour, safe flour handling knowledge, flour recall knowledge and behavior, message effectiveness, trusted source for flour handling, and demographic information. The participant selection criteria included: (1) primary food handler and grocery shopper, and (2) use of flour or quick bread mix at least once a month. Phase II: Recipes from an online source (blogs and YouTube videos) were selected and coded to assess the food safety implications according to FDA’s flour handling recommendations. People that consume or play with raw dough or batter miss hygiene practices while handling flour. Popular recipes on YouTube and cooking blogs miss safety handling of flour. They do not follow the recommendations given by government agencies. Strategies of enhancing safe flour handling in popular recipes should be developed by the consolidation of health educators, researchers, and policymakers.
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Dough, Food safety, Risk perception, Survey, Encuesta, Inocuidad de alimentos, Masa, Percepción de riesgo