Evaluación de siete coberturas para el control de erosión de suelo en el cultivo de piña, bajo las condiciones de Montecristo, Departamento de Atlántida, Honduras

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Zamorano: Escuela Agrícola Panamericana, 2012
Garcia, R. 2008. Evaluation of seven mulch materials for the control of soil erosion in the culture of pineapple, under Montecristo conditions. Atlántida, Honduras. Special project of the program of B. Sc. Agricultural Sciences and Production, Zamorano, Honduras. 14 p. The study was carried out on the Atlantic Coast of Honduras under pineapple conditions. In its first stage, the soil is more vulnerable to erosion, due to the practices of mechanization and the poor index of foliar area exposing the soil to the effect of rain drops or irrigation. The aim of this study was to determine the mulch material most adapted to control erosion in the furrows in areas of recent soil tillage in the first two months of the pineapple crop. The evaluated coverings were pineapple leaf, coconut fiber, sawdust, trimmed pasture, cardboard, plastic and 55 % shade saran. The soil was collected and quantified after every event of rain between February 27 to April 18, 2008. We evaluated the effect of the seven proposed coverings and a control (without covering). The eroded soil was analyzed to determine the loss of nutrients and organic matter. For every treatment it was determine that there was a significant difference of (p <0.05) between the control 78 t / ha / year and the rest of the treatments, which had soil losses below 14 t / has / year. The soils under study have low fertility; the loss of nutrients caused by erosion is important specially regarding to N, Fe, Zn and organic matter and is proportional to the soil loss according to the treatment. The treatments tested in the study were significantly better than the control. The plastic mulch was the best treatment with a cost of $379 per hectare at a soil loss of 1 t/year. The trimmed pasture and the pineapple leaf controlled effectively soil erosion at a cost of $126 per hectare, but the endurance through time of these treatments was not evaluated. The rate of erosion that trimmed pasture and pineapple leaf generate, is less than 7 t / ha / year.
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Nutrients, Organic matter, Pineapple leaf, Plastic mulch, Soil degradation, Trimmed pasture, Water erosion.